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Midland, Georgia
Jun 25

About Our Client:
Our Client delivers innovative specimen and client management solutions since 2005. Our client support solutions include supply and kit management, inventory management, specimen and supply logistics, and client management technology.

The Senior Infrastructure Manager is a critical leadership role responsible for the overall design, implementation, security, and performance of the company's global IT and cloud infrastructure. This encompasses multiple production sites, international operations, and a hybrid environment that includes both on-premise network, server, and storage environments, as well as the architecture and management of cloud services. The successful candidate will be a hands-on visionary leader with deep technical expertise, a proven track record of managing complex infrastructures, and a passion for leveraging technology to drive business success.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Leadership:
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive IT infrastructure roadmap aligned with the organization's long-term business goals and objectives, considering regional and international requirements.
  • Lead a geographically dispersed team of IT professionals, fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture that values diversity and promotes knowledge sharing across different regions.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders across the organization, including international branches, ensuring IT infrastructure aligns with their diverse needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Manage IT infrastructure budgets and vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and ensuring optimal value for investment across global operations.
Infrastructure Design and Implementation:
  • Design and implement a scalable, highly available, and secure IT infrastructure that supports multiple production sites and international operations, taking into consideration regional network latency, data sovereignty, and compliance requirements.
  • Oversee the design, installation, configuration, and maintenance of network infrastructure, including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, WAN optimization, and cloud networking services.
  • Manage and maintain on-premise server infrastructure across different locations, including physical and virtual servers, operating systems, and applications.
  • Select and configure appropriate cloud services, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure and optimizing for performance and compliance.
  • Lead the migration of applications and data to the cloud, considering international data residency requirements and minimizing disruption to business operations.
Infrastructure Operations and Optimization:
  • Monitor and optimize the performance and availability of both on-premise and cloud infrastructure across multiple production sites and international locations, ensuring consistent user experience and addressing region-specific challenges.
  • Develop and implement cloud automation and orchestration strategies to streamline global operations, reduce manual intervention, and ensure consistent configuration management across regions.
  • Implement backup and disaster recovery solutions that consider geographic redundancy and ensure business continuity in the event of system failures or disasters, regardless of location.
Security and Compliance:
  • Ensure the security of both on-premise and cloud infrastructure across all global locations by implementing appropriate security controls, monitoring for threats, and responding to incidents promptly, taking into account international cybersecurity regulations.
  • Develop and enforce comprehensive security policies and procedures that address the unique challenges of managing a global infrastructure, protecting sensitive data, and ensuring compliance with relevant international regulations and industry standards.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and vulnerabilities, implementing necessary patches and updates in a timely manner across all regions.
End-User Compute, Printing, and Service Desk Management:
  • Device Lifecycle Management: Oversee the entire lifecycle of end-user compute devices (desktops, laptops, mobile devices), including procurement, deployment, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and secure disposal.
  • Operating System and Software Management: Ensure that end-user devices are running up-to-date and secure operating systems and software, implementing patch management strategies to mitigate vulnerabilities and maintain compatibility.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): Implement and manage an MDM solution to secure, control, and manage corporate-owned and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile devices, ensuring compliance with company policies and data security standards.
  • Printer Management: Manage the entire printer fleet across all locations, including procurement, deployment, configuration, maintenance, and supply management. Optimize printer usage to minimize costs and environmental impact.
  • Service Desk Oversight: Oversee the IT service desk, ensuring timely and effective resolution of end-user support requests. Implement service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and improve service desk performance.
  • User Experience Focus: Continuously evaluate and improve the end-user experience with technology, gathering feedback, addressing pain points, and ensuring that technology solutions are intuitive, user-friendly, and support productivity.
  • Remote Support and Self-Service: Implement remote support tools and self-service portals to empower end users to resolve common issues independently, reducing the burden on the service desk and improving overall efficiency
How you will qualify: 
  • 10+ years of experience in IT infrastructure management, with at least 3 years with global responsibilities.
  • Proven track record of designing, implementing, and managing complex on-premise and cloud infrastructures across multiple production sites and international locations.
  • Deep technical knowledge of network, server, storage, and cloud technologies, with an understanding of global network architecture and optimization techniques.
  • Experience with virtualization technologies (VMware, Hyper-V) and cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Strong understanding of cloud architecture principles, best practices, and international compliance requirements.
  • Experience with cloud automation tools (Terraform, Ansible).
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse teams across different cultures and time zones.
  • Must have experience managing an infrastructure team with a certified environment under ISO27001 or SOC2 Type 2.
  • Ideal candidate will have experience for multiple years managing 12+core sites across the globe leveraging a lean team and managing outsourced partners.
  • Relevant certifications (e.g., CCIE, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, CISSP).
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