Our clients trust our ability to deliver the best resource who has the right technical experience. We know tech really well, and we are consistently recruiting on behalf of our clients. We have placed top talent across multiple different business sectors and a variety of different technologies. Our reputation for success comes from years of building strong client relationships.

If it involves technology, we’re into IT.  We have deep knowledge of many of the newest systems and software that allow companies to develop solutions that help their businesses succeed.  From Cloud to ERP to Analytics and more, we know IT.  We offer Project-based Consulting, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire and Nearshore services. So, if we can be of help, please contact WiredHive today.

we help build tech to help you build business

– Michael Chapman, WiredHive

  • Technologies

    WiredHive strives to know you better than any of our competitors.  By cultivating deep knowledge about a variety of technologies, we’re able to “talk shop” with every level of IT professional we engage. We have the breadth and depth of technical knowledge to help you advance your career goals.

    Technologies include:
    – Software Engineering
    – CRM/ERP
    – Cloud Solutions
    – Database
    – Infrastructure
    – Mobile Solutions
    – AI/Machine Learning
    – Data Analytics

  • Industries

    WiredHive supports clients in varying industries.  Having a breadth of knowledge in many areas helps us understand the unique business opportunities and technology challenges for each of these industries.

    Industries include:
    – Renewable Energy
    – Oil & Gas
    – Financial Services
    – Healthcare
    – e-commerce
    – Retail
    – Property Management
    – Telecom
    – Logistics
    – Aerospace

  • Services and Solutions

    Project-based Consulting – The essence of high performing companies is both their ability to govern processes that provide organizational stability and their ability to adjust dynamically to organizational needs. WiredHive’s project-based consulting services help companies quickly respond to evolving IT talent needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We provide pre-qualified IT consultants and experts, without the expense, delay or inconvenience of lengthy recruiting and assessment processes.

    Contract-to-Hire – Get to know an IT professional in your work environment and evaluate their technical skills, unique abilities, and experiences prior to making that permanent job offer. WiredHive’s Contract-to-Hire option reduces your hiring risk and boosts employee retention.

    Direct Hire – When it is time to make a full-time hire, our talent acquisition team takes the lead as the search arm of your company to ensure that the position is filled in a timely, professional, and confidential manner. Working closely with you, our experienced recruiters will prepare position descriptions, conduct salary surveys, provide detailed background information, conduct thorough sourcing of ideal candidates, and negotiate compensation packages.

    Nearshore Consulting Services – WiredHive offers nearshore IT development and consulting services based in South America. Our experienced engineers and support staff drive client success through world-class engineering solutions, agile methodologies, and the latest Industry technologies.

  • Get Started

    We’re ready to forge a brand-new partnership. WiredHive can we help you build a team to support your most critical technology initiatives. Connect with The Hive at  info@wiredhivetech.com.

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